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1. Informations

2. General termes of sale

A. Conditions acceptance

B. Boxes, pouches

C. Medals informations, metal finish

D. Garantees / Certificate of authenticity

E. Order

F. Delivery / Customs rights

G. Delay

H. Cancellation

I. Prices

J. Payment / Dispute

K. Legal informations



Corporate name: V.S.Canale

Medal brand name: Médailles Canale

Legal status and capital stock: LLC (SARL in French) capital 7622 €

Head office : 37 quai de l'horloge 75001 Paris FRANCE

Phone number : 00 33 1 43 54 19 58

E-Mail :

Opening hoursFrom Monday to Friday: 9am to 12:30 pm/2 to 6pm; Saturday from 2 to 6 pm Saturday from 2 to 6 pm

Intra-community VAT: CEE FR 45 552 042 046

EIN number (SIRET in French) : 552 042 046

Activity code (Code APE/NA): 00011 3211 Z 4



This website is wholly the property of the company VS.CANALE, as well as the rights pertaining to it.

  • Any reproduction (total or partial) must invariably be submitted to the authorisation of its owner.
  • However, hypertext links towards the website do not call for any specific authorisation. The company VS.CANALE does its very best to ensure the accuracy and regular update of the information given on this website, and reserves the right to correct this information at any time and without notice
  • However the company VS.CANALE cannot guarantee the accuracy, precision or sufficiency of the information presented on this website, including all the hypertext links or any other computer links used directly or indirectly from the website

Consequently, the company VS.CANALE declines any responsibility as for the imprecision, inaccuracies or omissions relating to the information available on the website, and as for any damage caused by the possible fraudulent intrusion of a third party, resulting in the modification of the information available on the website; and in general, as for any damage, direct or indirect, whatever may be the causes, origins, nature or consequences, brought on by anyone’s access or impossibility to access the website, as well as for any use of the site and/or any credit given to the information directly or indirectly drawn from it.


The customer must admit to having acknowledged, when placing the order, the particular conditions of use stated on this page and declares accepting them readily and without reserve.

The above conditions of use govern the contractual relationship between the VS.CANALE company and its customer, both parties accepting them without reserve. These conditions of use prevail over any other conditions stated in any other document, at the exception of definite written perquisite derogation.


  • For gold or silver medals or pendant, bracelet, chain bracelet, a white stamped box is offered free of charge.
  • Chains are shipped in a grey imitation-suede pouch. 


  • The pictures illustrating the products do not enter into the contractual framework. If any errors have occurred, in this case the VS.CANALE company could not be held responsible.
  • The weight is given only as an estimate, each piece being handcrafted, a slight variation in weight can occur.
  • The colours of the medals as they appear on your screen may depend on the settings of your computer; they may not necessarily be truthful.


GUARENTEES of the metal:

All our 18K gold and sterling silver items are solid, and stamped with the regulatory hallmark certified by the state.

  • Or 18 carats 750/1000:French hallmark control "eagle head
  • Sterling silver: “Minerva head” or “Crab” hallmark

Our master hallmark is also present on our medals in accordance with state legislation.

It carries a star and a crescent, circled by the initials V S C.

  • About trade-ins and returns:

To get a trade in or total refund, all items must be sent back intact by registered post within 7 days following delivery. This measure does not apply to engraved medals

La société VSCANALE vous garantit que tous les produits sélectionnés sont fabriqués, dans le respect de la législation Française.

  • About trade-ins and returns:

    To get a trade in or total refund, all items must be sent back intact by registered post within 7 days following delivery. This measure does not apply to engraved medals

  • The VSCANALE company certifies that all selected products have been made according to French legislation.

  • Our medals have a 1 year warrantee; this warrantee does not apply if the product has been taken apart, modified or misused.

  • In any case, the VSCANALE company shall not be held responsible if the regulatory and legislative measures implemented in the recipient’s country were not respected.

  • The responsibility of the VS CANALE company is invariably limited to the value of the product concerned, this value corresponding to the price of the product on the day of its sale, without any possible dispute.

  • In any case, the client can benefit from the legal guarantee of eviction and hidden flaws (Article 1625 of the Civil Code). Provided the buyer can prove the existence of the hidden flaw, the seller must also, by law, compensate him for any possible damage. (Article 1641 of the Civil Code)


The system of automatic registration is considered a proof of the nature, content and date of the order. The VS.CANALE Company confirms the validation of the order to the client through the e-mail address he has provided. The sale is concluded only on confirmation of the order. The VS.CANALE Company reserves the right to cancel any order of a client with which it has had a dispute relating to the payment of a previous order. The information provided by the buyer, when placing the order, commits him to the following points: In case there has been any mistake in the stating of the recipient’s address, the seller shall not be held responsible for his impossibility to deliver the product.


For deliveries outside of metropolitan France, the client commits themselves to cover all taxes costs relating to the import, customs rights, and any other taxes relating to the laws of the order’s recipient country.  

  • The VS.CANALE company declines any legal responsibility were the taxes not been settled by the customer.
  • The VSCANALE company declines any responsibility regarding the length of the product’s transport to the recipient client.
  • Possible delays in delivery due to the transport of the merchandise do not give the buyer the right to claim any damage compensation.
  • In France, the delivery will be done by Regular Express Post or Chronopost, depending on the customer’s preference.
  • Deliveries to countries belonging to the EEC: French Post Colissimo or FedEx.
  • Deliveries to countries outside EEC: FedEx only.


  • Orders placed from Monday to Thursday are dealt with the following day.
  • Orders placed from Friday morning to Sunday evening are dealt with the following Monday (except in case of emergency).
  • The shop is open from Monday to Saturday.


Please note the delays indicated are only theoretical, should you have an emergency, we might be able, depending on our availabilities, to make and engrave your medal within 1 or 2 days.

Please give us a message, and we will tell you whether or not your request is feasible.

- PENDANT in gold or silver:

  • For non-engraved items, we ship your order within 1 or 4 days (working days) after registration. In case of emergency, please consult us by e-mail or give us a call +33 1 43 54 19 58, maybe I am busy but I will do my best!

  • For engraved items, please allow between 1 to 8 working days after registration.

- ART MEDALS in brass:

Your order will be shipped within 2 or 6 days after registration. In case of emergency please consult us by e-mail or phone +33 1 43 54 19 58.


Your order will be shipped within 1 or 2 days after registration.


Allow between 1 to 5 working weeks after registration.


These delays apply outside of bank holidays and weekends:

  • In France: Urgent Shipments are ensured by Chronopost, deliveries take place from Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings (expect à 24h delay).
    For non-urgent orders, by regular shipping by La Poste, you must expect a delay of 2 to 4 days.
  • Outside France: shipments are insured by Federal-Express. Expect a delay of 2 to 5 days depending on location.


  • In case of any visible defect, the buyer has the right to return the order according to the sales conditions listed in this document.

  • Are considered as cases of force majeure, clearing the seller of his obligation of delivery: war, riots, fire, strikes, accidents, and the impossibility of being supplied. The goods always travel at the risk of the recipient. Always check your parcel as soon as you receive it. You have a 48 hours to register a complaint with the courier in case of missing or damaged items.

  • Should the customer wish to have two different delivery addresses, he must register two orders, resulting in two separate delivery fares.

You are given a “cooling off period” of 7 days (from the day of delivery) to send back any item which would not match your order. In case you should wish for an exchange or refund, please send back the unused item(s) in its (their) original packaging, intact at the following address:

M. Canale
37 quai de l'horloge
75001 Paris

Should you make use of your right to cancel within the “cooling off period”, the VSCANALE company must refund the payments made by the client, free of charge, apart from the price of shipping. The refund is due within 15 days. Under no circumstances can the product be returned without a previous agreement.


Prices are quoted in euros. (€)

Prices are indicated on the item’s description card and do not include shipping.

The price quoted in the order confirmation is the final price, all taxes included, with VAT for France and countries inside the EEC. Prices are duty free for every country out of EEC. This price includes the cost of items, shipping and delivery.



The price which will be invoiced to the client is the final price quoted on the order confirmation sent out by the VSCANALE company.

  • You can order and pay online (accept credit card payments via Stripe payment, Paypal, Citelis (our bank), wire transfer).


  • You can order and pay your goods on the spot …in my workshop in Paris. 

It is necessary for that to order online and choose the option Pick up your online purchases

  • Payments in store can be made by credit card.
  • Payments online Credit card transactions rely on 3D Secure standard (Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode).

The order confirmed by the client will be considered as effective only when the related banking transaction centres have given their validation. In case of refusal from these centres, the order will automatically be cancelled, and the client will be notified by e-mail. Furthermore, the VSCANALE company reserves the right to refuse any order from a client with whom there may have been a dispute.


The hereby contract is subject to French law. The VSCANALE company shall not be held responsible for any kind of damage, whether it be material or physical, which could result from the malfunction or misuse of its commercialised goods. The same applies to any possible modification of a product by the manufacturer. The responsibility of the VSCANALE company shall, in any case, be limited to the amount of the order and the company shall not be blamed for any mere errors or omissions that might have remained in spite of the many precautions taken in displaying the products. In case of any difficulty in the implementation of the hereby contract, the buyer is given the possibility, before taking legal action, to try and find an amicable solution, possibly with the help of: a professional association of the trade, a consumer’s association, or any other kind of advice he would wish to choose. We remind you that the pursuit of an amicable solution interrupts neither the short period of legal guarantee, nor the contractual guarantee period. We remind you that as a rule, and depending on the opinion of the court, it is assumed that the buyer will honour the financial commitment he has taken with the seller, according to the measures stated in the hereby contract regarding contractual guarantees.

Complaints and disputes will always be handled with consideration and goodwill, since the honesty of the person who has taken the trouble of exposing his situation is invariably taken for granted. In case of dispute, the client shall first and foremost appeal to the company in order to try and find an amicable solution. If this fails to succeed, the commercial court of Paris is the only competent institution, regardless of the place of delivery or the means of payment accepted.


The personal information and details requested to complete the mail or online order is mandatory, so as to enable the company to deal with the handling and shippping of the orders, invoicing and warrantee contracts. Any missing information will result in the cancellation of the order.

  • According to the law of « Freedom and Computing », the treatment of personal information regarding the client is subject to a declaration at the « Comission Nationale de l’informatique et des Libertés – CNIL » (national computing and freedom commission). The client has the right to access, modify, correct or delete any piece of data concerning him (article 34 of the law of the 6th of January 1978), a right which he can use in regards to the VSCANALE company. Furthermore, the VS CANALE company commits itself not to communicate, for free or in return for any compensation, the client’s details to a third party.
  • In addition, except stipulated otherwise, copyright laws on documents, illustrations, texts and pictures included in the website, and all the elements which have been created for it, are strictly the property of the VS CANALE company, which doesn’t concede any license, or any other right except the one of consulting the website. Particularly, the brands and other copyrighted elements of the website are the exclusive property of the corporate bodies concerned. The reproduction of any document edited on the website is only allowed for a strictly personal and private use, all reproductions and use of copies made for any other purpose being expressly forbidden.

Visitors of the website providing information to the VSCANALE company, yield to it all the transferable rights regarding this information, and allow it to make any use of this information it may please. The information provided by visitors will be considered as confidential and must be exact, lawful, and must not cause any ham to a third party.

Each person whose name is mentioned on the website can put into use his(her) right to access, modify, correct and delete information regarding him(her) at the following address:

Maison Canale
37 quai de l'horloge
75001 Paris