Sprig of Mistletoe

417,00 € tax excl.

18k Gold Medallion Pendant: Bunch or Sprig of Mistletoe

Diameter: 27 mm.

Natural satin finish.

Comes with a white case & free gift box.

Handmade in Paris, France since 1827.

FedEx delivery.

- Add a chain

- Add engraving


4.4 g

18k Gold Pendant Necklace: Bunch or Sprig of Mistletoe.

Absolutely gorgeous necklaces, makes a perfect holiday gift !

From the earliest times mistletoe has been one of the most magical, mysterious, and

sacred plants of European folklore.

Mistletoe is a survival of the Druid and pre-Christian traditions.

It was considered to bestow life and fertility, a protection against poison.

Mistletoe is used as Christmas decorations and is associated with a holiday tradition of


All items are handcrafted and hallmarked in our workshop in Paris, France.

Quality craftwork from generation to generation.

Passed on from father to son.

Exclusively produced by Médailles Canale, Paris, France.

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